Massive open online courses are a free web-based distance learning program designed to participate in the geographically dispersed students. MOOC may be developed on a college or university course or maybe not appropriately structured. Indeed, MOOC always doesn’t offer academic credits, but they provide education that helps you to enable online courses like Coursera and employment or further studies.


Largest Collections of MOOC resources:

In 2011, (MIT) became one of the largest collections of MOOC resources made available to students like me. Furthermore, in 2012, MIT and online courses at Harvard spread the edx initiative to promote MOOCs.


Why choose MOOC 6-week online courses?

Massive open online course reviews are free online courses and available for anyone to enroll. Moreover, MOOC’s 5-week online classes provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance your career, and deliver quality educational experiences at the sale.


Millions of people worldwide use MOOCs to remember for various reasons, including career development, college preparations, lifelong learning, corporate, eLearning, and skill training. No doubt that online courses in interior design offered by MOOC have dramatically changed the way the world learns. Are you ready to start one online credit course offered by edX?


Methods provided by MOOC:

MOOCs typically depend on video recordings, readings, assessments, and discussion forums. For example, with MOOC, you can do online courses programming and online courses software. These courses are delivered online and are kept accessible to everyone for free:


-Massive means enrollments are unlimited, and you can run into thousands of online courses such as Stanford.

-Open because everybody can enroll, and there is no specific admission procedure and rules

-Online because they registered candidates via the internet

-Course means their ultimate goal is to teach you particular concepts or subject that you have picked


Who makes MOOCs and can take them?

Most MOOCs these days are made by universities, and a few of them are MIT, Stanford, and Harvard. Moreover, some MOOCS are also made by professional companies such as Microsoft or Google. Even many organizations also create MOOCs such as IEEE or Linux foundation.

Universities indeed produce MOOCs, but they rely on course providers such as:

-Coursera and Udacity

-edx and FutureLearn


When do MOOCs start and do, they have deadlines?

Some online courses history can begin at any time while other 3-week online courses start at regular intervals -every few months or weeks. Even some online courses java stops after being offered entirely. Some of the MOOCs offered by edx is self-paced, and the material may not be available for you from day one.


 The range of online courses near me is from 1 to 16 weeks in length.So, the assessments of online classes for seniors may have deadlines to prevent students from lagging. Even when they involve a schedule, MOOCs remain flexible because you study when you feel comfortable, either it is day or night time.


Most of the 6-week online courses also estimate the weekly commitment for time, which also significantly varies from one student to another. Online courses like Coursera are also released in fragments week after week, forcing students to study within the given time limit.


How to test students in online classes free?

MOOCs involve auto-graded quizzes marked automatically as soon as you submit your answers and solve all the multiple-choice questions. Moreover, some graded peer assignments on Coursera are necessary for you to review your enrolled online courses photography certification.

Note that your performance in these assignments will be evaluated and determines your overall course grades. The fact that needs to be remembered is instructors don’t check the work of students in MOOCs.


Final Verdict:

Some universities also allow students to get full-fledged MOOC degrees. Georgia Tech is one such university that offers its students a master’s degree in computer science from the comfort of home. This kind of degree program doesn’t work as online courses like edX, and you need to pay tuition fees by going through the admission process.


The bottom line is that some MOOCs also give you a chance to earn academic credit from some institutions. One needs to pay for the certificate, complete six month online courses, and enroll in a degree program at the same institution. 


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