Online courses are popular nowadays than ever before. While you are following these online courses, you will also come across the curiosity to figure out what the most popular online courses were. We did a quick research and discovered the top 5 online courses of all time. Just take a look at these courses and see the factors that have contributed to their popularity. You can also decide whether you are going to follow them or not.

  • Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists

Programing skills are not just useful for IT people. Even digital artists and musicians will be able to gain numerous benefits out of the programming knowledge they have. If you want to learn programming as a musician or digital artist, you should take a look at this course. When you are following the course, you will be able to cover the basics of programming, such as functions, loops, logic, classes, and objects. On top of that, you can also get exposure to advanced topics, such as signals, events, and multi-threading. 

  • Elements of AI by University of Helsinki 

AI is one of the demanding technologies available out there to learn as of now. If you are trying to enhance your knowledge in AI, you should take a look at the course titled “Elements of AI”. It is designed by AI experts at the University of Helsinki to deliver a solid understanding to you of the basics of AI. Apart from learning the theoretical concepts, this course will help you to figure out how AI is in a position to create a major impact on your life as well. You don’t need to have any previous exposure to programming and math to follow this course. It might be the biggest reason behind the popularity of this course. 

  • Programming for Everybody by University of Michigan 

Python is one of the very first programming languages that a developer will learn. If you are trying to learn Python, Programming for Everybody will be a perfect course available to follow as of now. It will not just directly make you learn Python. Apart from learning Python, it will help you to understand the basics of programming with computers as well. Therefore, any person who is interested in understanding the fundamentals can take a look at this course.

  • Understanding Dementia

Understanding Dementia is one of the most popular health and medicine related courses available to follow online. This online course is covering numerous topics, such as dementia research, pathology, basic brain anatomy, diagnosis, symptoms, risk factors, and medical management. On top of that, this online course can also provide a clear understanding of the followers on how to live with dementia.

  • English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development

If you are trying to assist your kid to learn English, English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development will be a good online course available to follow. However, it is important to understand that this course is designed to help the kids to understand English as a second language. All the support that the kids would need to move forward while learning English will be offered by this course. However, we can also recommend this online course to adults who don’t know anything about English.

apart from these online courses, you can find many other courses with thousands of followers. You can do you research based on this inspiration and look for those courses to follow. 

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