You can acquire marketing knowledge not only on blogs but also in online courses. Here you get – mostly free of charge – access to learning content and decide for yourself when and where you want to study it. Before work, in the internet café, at the airport – that’s up to you.

Industry-specific online courses offer the ideal opportunity to train yourself anytime, anywhere. Fixed attendance times simply no longer do justice to working life. Especially in digital marketing, which is subject to constant change, trained specialists are an essential part of business success.


As a marketer, you have numerous advantages: you refresh existing knowledge, fill in gaps in knowledge, and learn new methods. In this way, you gradually increase your knowledge advantage over your competitors.


Why you should use online training offers


The wealth of information on the net offers a huge selection of paid and free offers. The advantages of paid online courses are obvious:

  • high quality of the courses compared to free offers
  • Receipt of a certificate upon graduation
  • Take advantage of the full course experience
  • more motivation to graduate

But the quality of the free online courses is also steadily increasing. This is thanks to universities that publish lecturers and industry experts who share their knowledge with the community.


The best online courses for marketers


Online courses are an important source for marketing in particular so that you do not miss any developments. Hardly any other area is as fast-moving as digital marketing. Continuous further training is essential for the industry specialist.

We’ll show you which online courses and platforms you should definitely check out:



The online course platform founded in Leipzig offers various video courses for work, study, and leisure. Under the Economics category, you will find a number of online marketing courses. Training material on the subjects of “Basics of Affiliate Marketing,” “Performance Marketing,” and “E-Mail Marketing” is available for as little as € 1.49. The online courses can be viewed online regardless of time and place. Experienced professors and tutors present them


Website Link.



The Udemy website is relatively new to the online learning platform sky. With more than 100,000 online courses, Udemy offers an extreme variety, especially on programming, marketing, and business topics.

The platform’s highlight is not only in professional and personal development, but you can also register as a tutor on Udemy yourself. The online courses are held by industry experts and can be completed at your own pace. The costs of the training courses start at € 10.99.


Website Link.



At FutureLearn, marketers can find numerous online courses from renowned universities. In the “Marketing” section, Future Learn collects courses on marketing trends.

You can currently register for the courses “Why We Post: the Anthropology of Social Media” from University College London and “Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights” from the University of Southampton.

You don’t have to pay anything to take part in the courses. Certificates are available for £ 34.00.


Website Link.



In BrightTALK, it is not about an online course in the narrow sense: The platform organized and archived presentations on several topics, including marketing.

In the “Content Marketing” subsection alone, there are more than 1,100 recorded presentations by marketing experts from leading companies such as Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, and IBM.

You can watch lectures on BrightTALK for free after filling out a form. You can start with “The Simplification & Smarter Adoption of Marketing Automation.”


Website Link.


Squared Online

In five months, the digital marketing and leadership program Squared Online, developed jointly with Google, will prepare participants for tomorrow’s digital world of work. The focus of the e-learning program is on digital marketing content.


Squared Online also promotes leadership and leadership behavior skills to make decisions in a constantly changing environment as a trailblazer for innovation and digitization. The squares learn to work in interactive, virtual teams, to establish a feedback culture, and promote disruptive ideas.


Website Link.


Hootsuite Academy

In addition to a paid Social Media Certification, you will learn the basics of social media marketing in the Hootsuite Academy. Of the six courses on offer, two are aimed at beginners: Here you will receive an introduction to the topic and learn how to optimize your social media profiles.

Four more courses are available for experienced social media marketers, which deal with strategy, community building, and advertising, among other things. All teaching content is in English.


Website Link.


LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn-Learning (formerly Lynda) is the paid learning platform of the social business network LinkedIn. In the library, marketers can access video series on SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing.


Website Link.


Google future workshop

The Google Future Workshop is an online training course launched by Google on the basics of online marketing. It covers 26 different modules, each consisting of short video lessons. Each topic is concluded with a short test.

After passing the exam, you will receive a personalized certificate at the end of the online course – without paying for it. The Google certificate is not only used for your own further education but is also welcome in applications and on the LinkedIn profile.


Website Link.



Coursera offers a huge variety of free online courses. Coursera works with over 150 universities, including well-known institutions such as MIT, Stanford, and Harvard. In addition to the free version, Coursera also offers a subscription model.

The only disadvantage of the knowledge platform is the hidden pricing. In order to use the free option, you must first go to the registration and then select the “No Certificate” option. As the name suggests, you will not receive a certificate with the free version.


Website Link.


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