Whether you want to learn new skills as a requirement of your professional life or want to explore a topic for fun, online learning platforms are a great, easy-to-access resource for learning at your own pace.  For college students interested in online courses computer sciences, a course of this type can offer many advantages. In addition to learning more about the subject, you may be able to give it a try through an internship opportunity.  


Online courses are the best and flexible way to learn new skills according to your schedule and in the comfort of your home. If you are a beginner and want to peruse your career in computer science, here are some of the best courses for you to consider to be the best in your field. You can sign up for these online courses free of cost.


Database management

Database management refers to the design, development and the management of information storage systems essential and required for the smooth functioning of the digital world. Different online platforms like Udacity, Coursera, edX and many more offer courses in a number of topics are available for anyone interested in learning about database administration.


Software engineering

Software engineering courses provide an excellent introduction to the domain of software design and development. With the basic knowledge of software engineering, you can learn how software systems are developed, including topics such as quality assurance, software testing and project management.


Web design and development

Web development courses focus on the themes of website design and implementation. It generally refers to website design and the coding and programming aspect of website production. From HTML lessons to in-depth responsive web design courses, students can learn the latest client-side and server-side coding practices.


C or C++ 

C language is considered to be the fundamental language for getting started with any programming language. C or C++ courses are best for the ones who wish to program in C or C ++ and requires a basic understanding of object-oriented programming. Most of the complex software such as Database Management Systems, Operating Systems are written in C++.    


Computer Basics

Computer Basics course is an excellent introduction to computer science for beginners. You will see basic concepts of how computers work and what goes on behind the scenes when running computer programs. You will learn the basics of computer functioning, data processing, and how computer programs work.


Fundamentals of Computer Vision

Fundamentals of computer vision cover the basic of computer vision including neuroscience, digital signal processing and artificial intelligence etc. It will be useful to anyone interested in exploring the concepts of computer vision or interested in mathematical concepts in computer vision. It is recommended to have basic programming skills with introductory linear algebra, calculus, and 3D coordinate systems.


Online courses are the best way to learn about coding and computer science from scratch. But there are many online courses websites with hundreds of courses to choose from. So, make sure to choose the course according to your mindset so you can have an enjoying learning experience.



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