In this era of online learning, the concept of traditional learning has radically changed. Online course platforms allow users to access digital courses. These virtual lessons are just like offline classes in many ways. The teacher provides an interactive learning experience through images, videos, text, PDFs, and audio. If you are new to online learning and are looking for the best online course websites, here are some of the best online courses platforms for you to consider.



Udemy is a famous online learning platform, with over 24 million students and over 80,000 excellent courses. It is an extensive repository of online courses, with topics covering broad topics such as business, information technology, photography, office productivity, design, personal development, marketing, music, academics, and health. Udemy offers many courses free of cost. The teaching style of Udemy courses may vary, as courses may include video, text, audio, and quizzes. Once paid, you will have lifetime access to the course, and the platform will eventually award students with certificates of completion.


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Skillshare offers video courses in design, animation, illustration, photography, lifestyle, film, writing, and business. The courses are designed and taught by the leading artists, writers, and other creators. These courses comprise of short and easy video lessons. You will get access to all the courses on the website. They also offer courses on more technical subjects such as analytics, data science, and e-commerce. Each Skillshare class lasts 20 to 60 minutes and is divided into shorter lessons plus projects and a community discussion forum for networking with other students.



edX is one of the best online courses platforms, especially for college-level students. All edX courses can be taken free of charge, except for professional training courses. It provides more than 2,500 courses in various fields, including life sciences, biology, architecture, arts, chemistry, electronics, food, nutrition, medicine, physics, music, science, law, language, and history. The course consists of textual and video content. There are also class discussions where you can interact with other students.  



Technical skills are some of the most marketable courses, and Udacity has courses in all of its most demanded areas. Udacity platform is a bit different from other platforms. The platform is designed as a different kind of coding Bootcamp learning style, with programs focused on programming, web development, data science, and cloud computing. Whether you are a beginner trying to develop a new set of skills or looking to expand your knowledge on a specific topic, there will likely be a course at the right level for you. Each course includes hands-on training, real-world applications, individual code reviews, and professional coaches who can meet your needs.



Coursera provides you with a platform to access university courses and earn recognized credentials at a lower cost than the typical cost of taking those courses or programs in person. Subjects vary widely, including humanities, arts, math, computer science, languages, logic, and more. Different courses and programs are offered: regular courses, majors, professional certificates, master’s degrees, and online degrees from universities. It is a marketplace for professional online courses with virtual classes from some of the world’s best companies and universities, including the University of Michigan, Doc, and Stanford.


Online courses platforms come in a wide range of prices, but what they generally have in common is cheaper than the courses at universities.


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