Today is the era of the online market, and Google is the most wanted digital marketplace. There are a vast number of courses available. Some provide certificates in the end and some not. So here in this article, we will compile the best courses for all levels. 


Google Courses for Beginners 


First, everyone needs to learn the basics as it helps you to start your career and you can take your first step. 


1) Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified and Earn More by Udemy

It is the best selling course on Udemy as it helps you to pass the google analytic test. It includes the 21 lectures. The students of this course pass the test in the first attempt. They provide the tips and skill to become successful and provide you with the opportunity for more jobs.

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2) Google AdWords Certification — Become Certified and Earn More by Udemy 

Google ADWORDS certification improves your credentials in the market. It is the best course for beginners. 

It consists of 12 best selling techniques and consists of 7 modules. You can pass the exam with the practice of this course. 

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Intermediate Google Courses


If you have the necessary information, then you need to attempt the intermediate courses. 


3) Google IT Support by Grow with Google

It is a free program that is developed by Google. They provide you with the necessary tools that help you to enter an advanced level. There is no need to have the professional skill, but you must have the essential IT information. 

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4) Developing Applications with Google Cloud Platform Specialization by Google Cloud 

It helps you to become a master in Google cloud training. It will make you expert in applying your skill at your marketplace. It also makes you expert in developing the apps and redesign your skills. It is a free course so you can enrol to polish your skills. 

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5) Google Cloud Platform Essential Training

It provides the training through a renowned platform LinkedIn. Its instructor is a cloud architect with google cloud and amazon. It consists of 7 modules and also includes the tutorial on setting your carrier from beginning to advanced level. 

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Advanced Google Courses


It is the best course to polish your IT skills. 


6) Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation by Google Cloud

It will give you a visit to behind the scenes of the infrastructure of google cloud. It is a two weeks course, and it makes you expert in all the related functions. 

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7) Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services by Google Cloud

It helps you to improve your skills in cloud IAM and cloud management, storage and many more. It consists of 4 modules and 13 hours of course. You will need to have some necessary experience.

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8) Preparing for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam by Google Cloud

It is the best course if you have experience in the relevant field. It is a free course and makes you an expert in security systems of your accounts.

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Digital marketing is the most trending business, so you must pay attention to groom your skills. Enrol in one of these courses and get the benefit.


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