As time grows the connection between the countries become strong all over the world. So to develop the economy, every state tries to improve its import and export system. And for that forex trading is the best way. Forex trading has many benefits, and one of the most encouraging ones is the free schedule of time. 


To learn forex trading online courses are the best option and for that here is the list of our choice for those courses. 


1) Forex 101 from Benzinga

It is the most versatile platform to learn forex trading. It is the best course for beginners as well and also for those who have more or less experience. It helps you to learn everything that you want to know as forex traders. It offers their students with the best examples of trade like AUD/USD trades. So don’t miss this chance to get the best knowledge in one place. 

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2) Asia Forex Mentor – One Core Program

It helps the trader from beginning to advanced level. It is not like the typical courses. They invite expert traders to talk about their journey during this whole course. The trainer makes a six-digit trade and believes in helping others. They provide no slides, no videos and screenshots, but they only teach you regarding their strategies and actual work that helps in the market. 

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3) Traders Academy Club

It is an international certified academy with the experience of 12 hours. They only enrol the students who have a passion in the industry of forex trading. They provide significant tools to their traders that help them in 

  • Sound trading approach
  • Technical, psychological components of the trading
  • Significant trading 

They are also available on telegram groups, so it’s easy to contact them.

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4) Forex Trading Coach

It is also the best suitable for the beginners and the advanced level traders. It is a 90 days course that claims that they teach the best trading. Here is the outline that you are going to learn with forex trading coach:

  • Less time trading: They share their experienced methods that enable you to do your daily trading
  • Your trading identity: You will get to know about your inner skills and better understand what to do next.
  • Risk elimination: Trainer shares its strategies to eliminate the risk factor in your trading methods.
  • Training: You will learn powerful techniques to lose less money and trade more.

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5) Forex Trading Using Python: Basic

It is the best course for the beginners as they make you a skilled person in buying and selling the currency in a stock market. You will have the opportunity to learn about strategy creation, analysis, execution and many more.

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6) Education: Forex School Online

It is a course that helps the students to learn the basics and make you expert in forex trading. Online forex school offers two classes to teach you advanced trading skills. It is a free course.

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I hope this article helps you and will get what you want. Enrol in any of these courses so that you will become an expert in forex trading.


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