The marketing industry is continually evolving, and you often see the development of new marketing trends, forcing executives and professionals to follow these trends and technologies to stay relevant. Online courses marketing is a very convenient and quick way to stay on top of the trends. If you are new to the concept of online courses and is looking for the best online courses for marketing, here are the best 10 online courses marketing.

HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Certification Course

This course features nine instructors ranging from famous HubSpot employees like Justin Champion and Lindsay Thibeault to well-known influencers like Sujan Patel. On completing this course, you will have a good basic knowledge of content marketing and know-how to create content, tell and promote your content and reuse content.

Ahrefs Academy

This Ahrefs course covers all the most important aspects of high-quality content marketing, including keyword search, competitive research, link building, strategic SEO and link acquisition. It teaches you the fundamentals and best practices of high-quality internet marketing with Ahrefs tools.

SEO Traning Course by Moz

Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz, teaches this SEO course on Udemy, which was rated 4.3 and was last updated recently last year. The course is more academic than practical, so you can start with the course if you are a beginner in SEO.

Content Marketing Training by ClickMinded

ClickMinded provides a comprehensive learning experience suitable for beginners and those who wish to improve and update their marketing knowledge. By the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of keyword research, SEO basics, link building and building a friendly website. The content of the course is divided into eight sections, with additional lessons on local SEO, Enterprise link building, Amazon SEO and Pinterest SEO.

Digital Marketing Specializing by Coursera

This course is a collaboration between the most famous online education platform, University of Illinois and Coursera. This is the introductory course that guides the students through the fundamentals of digital marketing by giving lectures on SEO, digital marketing analysis and social media marketing.


Google Academy for Ads

If you are not sure of where to start with Google ads products, Academy for Ads is the best. It will teach you Programmatic ads, Adwords, Doubleclick and Video ads. This is the official course that Bing. In it, you will increase your Bing competition, your knowledge of reports and learn how to optimize your campaigns better.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course by Udemy

This course covers different aspects of digital marketing, from building your website and social media marketing, to search engine marketing, paid advertising and mobile app marketing. It is one of the Udemy’s most comprehensive digital marketing courses having 12 carefully designed modules such as Market research, Google Analytics, WordPress module, Email marketing, Search engine marketing, Copywriting, YouTube Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Social media marketing, App Marketing, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads.

Digital Marketing Professional Certificate Program by Wharton

This Professional Certificate Program in Digital Marketing does not disappoint you in any way. This course takes a business-oriented approach and is also reflected in its curriculum. This course covers the basics of digital marketing, social media and e-commerce, marketing analysis: data tools and techniques, manage customer relationships values and how to influence others.

Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program by Udacity

This course is designed in collaboration with big names like Facebook Blueprint, Google, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Moz and Hootsuite. The course is very well organized in different modules; Marketing Fundamentals, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing (SMM), SMM with Facebook Blueprints, SEO, SEO with Google Ads, Email Marketing and Display Advertising.

Digital Marketing Masterclass – Get Your First 1000 Customers by Udemy

This digital marketing course is created by Evan Kimbrell, former VC and former founder of a startup. If you are a small website owner and want to learn digital marketing to increase traffic, this course addresses this specific problem while learning all the nuances of digital marketing?

Consider the above list of ten best online courses marketing and choose the course that is perfect according to your goals and work experience.

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